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Itinerary for family vacation in Iceland?

Hello fellow adventurers!

I have an opportunity to take my two young daughters - 6 & 8 years old - to Europe this summer, and I'm considering Iceland as our destination. However, I've never been and am not at all familiar with what the country has to offer young children. I would really appreciate some itinerary ideas that include a mix of nature, adventure and leisure that we can all participate & enjoy.

About us: Timing wise, we're targeting our travel for late-June, staying 5-6 nights. I'm comfortable driving around, but prefer to avoid long hours in the car each day. Budget is not a big concern at this point, and I would love to find any unique accomodations either in cities or in nature.

If you have any questions, please ask! I thank you so much for your advice!

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Iceland has so much to offer. You are really late for booking anything for this summer. So you will need to get in it asap. With such limited time, I would aim for 3 days on the south coast and 2 days on Snaefellsness. Look to booking. Com or for places to seat. There are so many options for things to do so do some reading and come back with questions.

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Local pools in Reykjavik are a great way for kids to have fun and interact with other kids.

Maybe you could take them horseback riding? If they've never been, there are places that will offer lessons. The Iceland horses are sooo easy to ride. We went to a place outside of Selfoss and they were great.

BTW, lots of great itinerary ideas here and on the TripAdvisor Iceland forum.