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Is Whale Watching Any Better in Iceland

I'm coming from Socal, which also has whale watching. Is whale watching in Iceland in August any more likely to feature breaching or anything else, compared with Southern California?

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Cant make the comparison, but we went last July 4th and it was freeking amazing. They say breaching is not real common to see, but we watched a monster doing it for 15 minutes. Tourism was so scant that we were alone on one of the boats and felt like kings. Would i go back? Seen the whales. Time to move on. Oh, and saw nothing in Iceland that i found alluring at all. Like being on the moon, but more expensive.

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More expensive than a trip to the moon? Wow, might have to skip that one. :-)

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Clarification - I'm going to Iceland, the question is whether it's worth it to take time out in Iceland to go whale watching.

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I’ve seen breaching a lot off of Santa Barbara. Also, been right near 4 or 5 that surfaced togywith mouts wife open!

How long do you have? I might pass as I can do it here in Santa Barbara when it is whale watching season.
I thought Iceland was awesome! We had a guide.

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The whale watching is hit or miss, but I would highly recommend a trip to the puffin colony at that time of year. Iceland is incredible and have been several times. It's expensive if you don't watch how you spend your $$ - AirBNB is the best option with fantastic places to stay, the food and craft cocktail scene is incredible, and the scenery is varied for such a small island.

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We went last June, in Husavik, and loved it. I remember doing whale watching off of Cape Cod years ago and it was nicer out of Husavik--we also got to see a lot of puffins! And H is a cute town.