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Insurance for a camper van

We are leaving the capital and doing ring road for 8 days. Have any of you done this? I am over-whelmed by what insurance coverage that I should get!

If I take all what they offer, it will add $50.00 per day; any suggestions would be so appreciated!!

THANK you in advance!

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That may be reasonable as you can sleep in Van, too. Just make sure it covers Volcanos!

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On our trip, we rented a 4-wheel drive SUV, but didn’t purchase a full insurance package. We’ve usually just gone with the coverage offered by the Visa card used to pay for the rental. In the end, luckily, we didn’t need to file a claim, although we also saw a car just ahead of us flip off the highway on ice, which resulted in a fatality. This was in early April - when will you be visiting? The decision to get or decline insurance is a bit of a question - how much risk are you willing to assume, and what are you willing to pay for more peace of mind?

I wonder - A) what’s the daily fee for just the vehicle rental, compared to the potential additional $50 fee just for insurance, and B) what kind of deductibles are you facing, even with the insurance, if you have a claim, and C) are there any alternative rental companies that offer a better rate?

Also, if you’re on the far end of Iceland and something happens, does the insurance get you back to Reykjavik? Last, we didn’t have a windshield damage situation, but it seems to me there was a big deal made about coverage for a sandblasted or cracked windshield. Is damage to the camper windshield included n the insurance package? Or are you still left with a big expense, should the windshield get damaged?

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We’ve usually just gone with the coverage offered by the Visa card used to pay for the rental

If this is a plan you are considering be sure your credit card covers a 'camper van' type of vehicle. I suspect not.

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We too have ALWAYS relied on our credit card for coverage and ALWAYS decline the car rental insurance. HOWEVER, because we are in Iceland and it is not a "car" (it is a camper van), our credit card does not cover RV's. What we are renting is certainly NOT an RV (lol), it doesn't even have a frig or a heater.

Someone asked when we would arrive--we will be in Iceland in 2 weeks.

I guess because we have never purchased insurance thru our rental agencies that it is a bit over-whelming. I've alway felt that insurance is throwing money out of the window because we have always relied on our awesome credit cards!!

Another other advise IS appreciated!!!

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Get the insurance. It not just about traffic incidents and accidents, you never know what nature might throw at you in Iceland.