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Icelandair Stay Over advice

My wife are planning a trip in July 2020 and I am interested in the rates for the Icelandair Stay over. Specifically, is this something that I should get while I can, or is there a fluctuation in the air rates as there is in other airlines/dates/times? I am generally used to using Google Flights or the like and then watching the rates and getting my tickets when the feeling/price is right. What are your experiences with using Stay Over? Get them while you can? How far out from your travel dates did you purchase your Stay Over? Any other Stay Over tips and tricks appreciated!

Thanks Ken

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Icelandair fares tend to slowly rise and not fluctuate a lot. Note that segments are priced individually so that on some days, breaking the journey in Iceland may cost more than flying straight through.

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Tom's comment is correct about price changes - they don't vary much. The issue is usually flight schedule, e.g., the direct flight to my home airport is not every day of the week and only seasonal. Sign up for Icelandair deal email to get a feel for their sale process. I got a good deal on flight + hotel + excursion package for late October, but don't know if they do this for summer too. Note they primarily fly Boeing 757-200 and -300 planes in the 3-3 configuration in coach, so it's a little bit cramped in there.

You don't stay where you're flying from, but if it were me, I would stop on the way back from Europe, as you'll already be time zone adjusted (for me on West Coast, it's a 7 hour time difference to Iceland). July is going to be peak time, so once you get flights, be sure to book hotels and excursions right away. Note it takes 45 minutes each way from the airport to Reykjavik proper, so if you're only stopping over for a short time, plan for that.

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My experience is the fares each way start in the $300-400 range then rise slowly to $600-800 the last month. Maybe cheaper from the East Coast.

As to which direction to stopover, I haven’t done it but an argument could be made for doing it eastbound since it gives you a whole day of sightseeing before checking into that expensive hotel. If you have hotel points, this is your best opportunity to use them, especially Radisson or Choice.

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OK thanks so much for your input. I am flying from Orlando. We are planning on doing the Stay Over on the way to Europe. Thanks again.

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We looked into using the Icelandair stopover next summer for a flight to Bergen. It was a couple of hundred dollars cheaper to buy separate tickets: Seattle to Reykavik, then a week later Reykavik to Bergen.

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We did the Icelandair stopover in Reykjavik for several nights en route from Canada to Copenhagen in 2014 - after six hours overnight in Economy seats, we were ready to get out and walk around for the day (arrived at 07:00 am and took the Flybus from the airport to the city centre). We did have early check-in. Next time, I would spend a bit more for Icelandair Saga Premium class for an overnight flight, and I would stay longer and see more of the country.

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Both Mardan and Tom bring up great points. I agree with their comments.

Here’s an additional hint about booking IcelandAir flights.
Booking window side seats (A-B, F-G) in Row 6 is bigger legroom than first class. (But check the plane map...just in case a different model plane has a different row’s the first row behind first class). This row generally gets booked first so don’t wait if you want these seats. We booked in January 2019 for a November 2019 trip.
We booked extra legroom for an additional $65 per seat per flight leg of trip (no pun intended). Was totally worth spending the extra cost in terms of legroom.

Wishing you a great trip!