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Icelandair - Is extra leg room worth it?

For anyone who has flown Icelandair, what was your experience like in the standard economy or extra legroom seats and for anyone who selected extra legroom - did you think it was worth it?

We'll be flying from Chicago, so it'll be about a 6-hour flight.

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We have flown Iceland Air numerous times, always in economy though. I am short, at 5'1" and my husband is only 5'9", but even he is fine in economy. We fly from Seattle, so a longer flight than you, and have never had an issue, FWIW.

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My husband and I always choose aisle seats across from one another in standard economy. That way we can stretch our legs, but also we can get up and walk around whenever we want without disturbing others in our road. Standard economy seats were fine for us. BTW, we flew to Iceland from Denver.

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I pay for the extra legroom. When I am on a long flight, those extra inches make a huge difference in keeping me from being in pain for hours. It is worth it to me.

Just a heads up that catering in coach is very limited and what food that is available is not appealing. Make sure you bring your own food.

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I flew IcelandAir from Seattle and didn’t have an issue. I am short and choose to pay for an aisle seat while flying economy. I will be flying with them again in just 20+ days.

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We are flying next week, so we will find out then. We are going all the way to Norway, but being able to stop at Iceland to stretch should make the journey a little less painful. I'm short, but my husband isn't. We do have the issue to bid on an upgrade, but we probably won't.

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Whenever possible, I now choose to upgrade to more legroom on international and domestic flights. I’m 5’2” so it isn’t about the room for my legs, it’s about not feeling boxed in, in particular when the person in front of me reclines their seat. Just a few inches makes all the difference in feeling more comfortable and less stressed. My husband and I also choose aisle seats across from each other when the seat configuration is 3 and 3.

FWIW I’ve flown Icelandair in both economy and recently in Saga class (when we found a screaming sale). We enjoyed the roomier seats, smaller cabin and meal service, which is comparable to US domestic first class. On Icelandair in the future though, I’d upgrade to more legroom in economy for sure, but I wouldn’t pay full sticker price for Saga.