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Icelandair esim

Has anyone used the Icelandair eSIM feature for their travel to Iceland? I thought I had set it up for my trip to Germany but I was never able to activate Google maps, which was the only reason why I really wanted it. When I’m walking around the town I like to know where I am and where I am in relation to my hotel, etc., I am confused about eSIm usage on an iPhone . Help!

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I have never used the eSIM feature you mention. However a few years ago we bought a portable wifi unit (travelwifi...Sapphire) that we use for every country we visit. When we bought it we got a certain amount of GB . We buy extra when we travel overseas. Our last use was in Paris over Thanksgiving and I used Google maps a lot with no issues . I have an daughter has same unit and she has an iPhone
For our upcoming trip to Iceland we will buy the data amount we want and know we fine. You can connect 5 other devices to it as well
Something to consider!

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I bought two country-specific eSIMs from Airalo last year--one for Poland and one for Turkey. The worked fine.

I have an Android phone, but I think some of our iPhone users have also used Airalo eSIMs without difficulty. I'm guessing the Icelandair eSIM is some sort of special feature you can take advantage of if you fly Icelandair to Europe, but Airalo eSIMs are generally quite inexpensive.

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I am not sure about eSim but if you do rent a car during your trip, just add a portable wifi box with you. In that case it solves your issue and you can connect up to 8 devices on it

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The above post by aadi.goyal reported. All he does is promote an esim.

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In al of our trips to Iceland, we just use our iPhones with the international plan through our carrier. We do get the portable wifi from the car rental company, so can use that most of the time. That little gadget is pure gold!

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Highly recommend using eSIM if your phone is a newer one. My husband and I used eSIM on our iPhone 15 for a month-long trip to London, Paris/France, Netherlands and Vienna. Research pointed me to Airalo and Orange which are both good options. I chose Orange because they had a plan that covered London + Europe, + Iceland where we will be in Jul/Aug. The eSIM worked perfectly throughout our UK/Euro trip and was only $59.90/50GB for each phone (special pricing at the time). We used our phones daily for navigation, internet searches, email, phones and texts, photo uploads, (we used free WiFi sites for uploads when available), etc. and used less than half the 50GB max. I had to register the French eSIM number to extend the 28 day limit to include our Iceland trip. I used to use the GlocalMe cellular hotspot, but eSIM is a better option. Warning: Unless you don't use your cell phone much, Verizon Int'l travel feature is absurdly expensive ($10/day per phone) and you will be charged for the full day if you accidentally turn it on just for a moment.

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I upgraded to an iPhone 14 Pro specifically so I could use an eSIM. No more running around looking for a phone shop once I get to my destination - what a game-changer!

Airalo has a "Eurolink" eSIM that covers 39 countries including Iceland. I activated it the night before I left the US and then turned off the line (under the Cellular menu) so I didn't use data before landing on the continent. I ended up on EE in the UK, Bouygues in France, and Siminn in Iceland on the same eSIM.