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Icelandair: Connecting through KEF in January

Whats it like connecting through KEF these days? (Or, more specifically, in January)
Reason I ask is that I last flew FI five years ago, and the connection experience was horrible: all the North American flights arrived at roughly the same time, and all outbound flights left ar the same time. Crowded, chaotic, nearly missed my flight. I swore "never again!"

Well, it looks like FI is our best option for flying SEA-OSL next January. I'm thinking that January wouldn't be as frustrating as last time, which was in May.

Any tips? Thanks.

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We fly out of SEA and our last trip to Iceland was this past February. I know the flights can get delayed with weather, but we have been lucky and have not had any issues. Our connection on this last trip was AMS to KEF to SEA, and it was smooth as could be. The gates are chaotic for boarding though. Every so often, we get to board from inside the terminal and that is much more civilized, but if you have to take a bus from the terminal to the tarmac to the plane, then expect chaos;).

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While Icelandair has gotten better with connections, I find the boarding process at KEF to be haphazard and sloppy.

Quite often my experience is that we are bussed to the plane then up stairs, down stairs, around stairs.

But, I still fly them. In Saga which gets no priority boarding at KEF. Everywhere else, yes. But not at KEF.

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Thanks, all. I don't mind the bus to the plane part, it's all the chaos apart from that. We will most likely book Saga class if/when we book.

We have flown FI several times in the past 12 years, but it was that last trip that really put me off them. The price is good, though (even @ Saga prices)

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Last time we flew through KEF it was so chaotic that I said "never again" (sound familiar?). Unfortunately the best prices we could find for our flight from Switzerland back to Denver is on IcelandAir this summer, so I guess I'm stuck. At least I know what to expect :-(