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Iceland trip suggestions

I am going to be in Budapest for five days in late summer, and then Reykjavik for 3-ish after that. I'll be solo and will not have a car. Any suggestions for things to do or see that aren't extremely expensive? I feel like Budapest has a ton of cool stuff in the city, not so sure about Reykjavik. I'm planning to book a shuttle to visit one of the parks/thermal springs/etc. in Iceland but otherwise I'm having a bit harder time finding things to do there.
if anyone lives in those areas or is traveling at roughly the same time I'd be psyched to connect via DM and meet up or spend a day adventuring.

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There's a ton of things to do in Reykjavik and the surrounding area. Everything is expensive, including hotels, food, and transportation. On our first, brief, visit we took a tour of the Golden Circle out of Reykjavik. I think we booked through Greyhound, but obviously there are a lot of tour groups. We also found an independent guide through Guide to Iceland; he took us to the Reykjanes Peninsula and then to the airport for our flight home.

Since you will be there for 3-ish days, you could consider a multi-day tour to the south coast, which is absolutely stunning. Go as far as the Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon. Just remember, everything in Iceland is expensive.

I suggest you read through posts here, on the TripAdvisor Iceland forum, and on the FaceBook Travel Iceland page. You'll get more suggestions than you can wrap your head around.