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Iceland travel with unvaccinated kid

HI, We are family of 4, 3 vaccinated and a son of 10 years not vaccinated looking to travel. As i see it, my son would be exempt of any mandatory quarantine and would be tested like everyone else. I am worried about testing on return to the US. If by any stroke of luck, my son or the others test positive, we would need to stay in Iceland further. Am i thinking about this too much? Should i just bite the bullet and take a chance. Any words of wisdom

Thanks in advance!

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My understanding is that you would have to stay quarantined if tested positive. Vaccination reduces your risk of infection, but it doesn’t eliminate it, so any of you could test positive.

A friend of mine tested false positive - another test the following day was negative, so this does happen.

Any travel abroad this year is going to involve risk, as things can change rapidly, so you will need to be flexible if required. Be prepared for flights to change numerous times (as happened to me last year - 7 flight changes for my return trip, which had to be extended by 4 days).

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SS, I did not find an exemption for your unvaccinated son to travel to Iceland without quarantine. I would make sure you have this right before making any plans.

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The following are exempt from requirements for a negative PCR test certificate before boarding:

Children born 2005 or later
Transit passengers who do not leave the terminal facilities
Passengers who hold an appropriate certificate showing vaccination or previous infection

This is listed on the iceland website. My son is 2010 born. He would probably need to test, unless the same rule that all testing expires as of june 16, but wouldnot need to quarantine.

thanks for all your replies.

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I see that exemption now. Sorry for my inaccurate post.
If you decide to make the trip have a great time!

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I'm in Iceland right now with my kids. As of now until July 1st, everyone who arrives in Iceland gets tested on arrival. Kids just do whatever the adults in their party do. If you are vaccinated, you just do the one test and quarantine until results come back, ours took about 5 hours. You also register with 72 hours before your trip to get a barcode for your test. Everyone in the group needs a barcode. Similarly, you register to schedule a test returning home. They are currently planning to stop testing vaccinated visitors on July 1st, including the kids coming with them not getting tested, but that could easily change.
I know of one person who got a false positive when they arrived, they just got a second test that day and it was negative.
You are extremely unlikely to get a positive test returning to the US if things stay the way they are, there are very few active cases of covid in Iceland.

I was definitely very stressed about getting here with the kids, very worried about the tests and what we'd do if we had to quarantine the whole trip, so I don't think you're over thinking it. Or, at least, if you are then you are overthinking just like I did!

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Thank you for the response. Glad to know someone else is in the same boat.

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I have similar concerns, just stumbled upon this forum! Im travelling with my 15 yr old daughter and my 17 year old son. Ive been vaccinated but the children haven't. There is information around children born 2005 or over so I'm aware about my daughters situation but not sure about my 17 year old? Will he have to just take a test on arrival like the rest of us or will he need to take a test prior to leaving the UK?
many thanks!