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Iceland tours

What is everyones opinion for a great small group tour of Iceland. My spouse isn't the least bit interested in going so I will be a solo traveler. Not looking to break the bank. Probably looking to spend a week there in September if we are allowed in. I would like to be able to do a little hiking while there also.

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I went there twice, and it couldn't be an easier place for an independent trip. It's got a well-oiled tourist infrastructure and helpful people. There are many companies (on the ground, although you can easily find them on the Icelandic Tourism or Reykyavik websites) vying for day tours, so it's very easy to customize a trip between spending time on your own and partaking of day trips to other parts of the island (or activities such as horse riding). I would price out the small group vs doing your own trip, and see what makes more sense. All of my day trips were very small - few people in a van (this was some time ago though, so who knows what things look like now).

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I can recommend the company Imprint Tours. The company is run by Reid Coen who used to be an RS guide. I went to Egypt with them last year and it was great.
Edit to add that he has two September tours to Iceland this year.

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What do you guys and gals do regarding day tours? Book tours in advance or wait until you get there? We've booked most of our tours in advance, and on at least one occasion were glad we did as the tour was sold out.

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Have you considered Road Scholar? They are excellent for solo travelers. My experience with guides on their programs has been very good and that's what's most important to me. I've done 11 programs with them (6 in Europe, 5 in US, none in Iceland) as well as 11 of Rick's tours.

I'll add that I've not been totally satisfied with their response during the pandemic. They started out slow with refunds and are now calling their "cancelled" programs "suspended" which I can only think is a lawyer-ly wording to get around cash refunds and adhering to the MA consumer protection laws. In spite of that I have 3 programs booked from October to May 2022. I booked 2 of them before Dec 31 when they were guaranteeing a cash refund if a participant cancels 90 days (or more) before the tour start date. The 3rd one does not have that guarantee but I'm taking a chance as it's only $250 for the deposit. Their single supplements go quickly.

I've not traveled with GAdventures but there is a thread on Trip Advisor complaining about refunds (or lack thereof) with them.

I've not done an Imprint tour but I'd love to go with them on a tour. Based solely on following Sarah on FB and seeing her presentation at a year's ago program in Edmonds I'd feel trusting of their ethics and standards.