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Iceland Stopover 33ish Hours - Itenerary?


I'm traveling with my husband and son and my brother's family for spring break. We're flying into Keflavik end of March at 6:30am and leave the next day at 4pm for London. We already have lodging booked at a cabin north of the airport. Right now we're thinking this will be our itenerary:

Land around 6:30am, meet up with group (brother is flying in from a different area in the US)
Get rental car
Blue Lagoon for roughly 3 hours
Lunch somewhere
Golden Circle (probably not the entire thing)
Cabin for the night

Next day go to Reykjavik in the morning, probably to the church tower and for lunch

Does this seem doable? I'm tempted to change the Blue Lagoon to the day we leave but I don't want to have so much wet stuff with us, plus I've read recommendations that the blue lagoon is great for right after being on a plane for 6 hours. I originally thought we could do some of the golden circle the morning before we left but it's a little further away than I thought it would be.

Any input is greatly appreciated.

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I think that you should also consider jet lag when planning to drive to the Golden Circle. Your plan is ambitious for your arrival day. Maybe instead of the Golden Circle you could consider the Reykjannes Peninsula and find a place to stay there instead of north of Reykjavik.

I assume that you know that it's about 45 minutes from Reykjavik to the airport. Also, I assume that your spring break is in March, which is still winter in Iceland. This may impact your plans since driving can get hazardous with snow, ice, and strong winds.

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Thank you! Yes, it's at the end of March when we'll be there. I'm thinking now we'll do blue lagoon and then see some of Reykjavik before going back to the cabin near the airport (has a hot tub and we can relax there some as well). Then we can do the peninsula the next morning before leaving if the weather cooperates. I'd like to go to the bridge across the continents, for some reason I thought that was part of the Golden Circle. I think we'll have to do the Golden Circle on another visit.

I'm also mad at myself that I misspelled itinerary not once but twice in one post facepalm

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Sorry, I misread the location for the cabin! We all "facepalm" from time to time.

Enjoy your trip.

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For me, yes, too much. I went in late October, which is probably equivalent in terms of daylight to March, which is...not much, so you need to see the outside stuff midday. The airport is small and easy to navigate. However, you do need to allow for return of rental car (assume that won't be fast), checking in to airline, and going through security. So your departure morning plan doesn't really work - drive in to Reykjavik (45 minutes), try to see stuff (btw, many things aren't open early, and the church doesn't open until noon), eat, go back to airport (45 minute drive), return car, etc. in time to catch your flight. I'd stick to Blue Lagoon and the area around the cabin. Maybe go see the active volcano it is nearer the airport and a once-in-a-lifetime sort of thing. I loved Iceland but some things on your trip might have to wait for a return visit.

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CL - Thank you so much! The info about the church is especially helpful, I hadn't even looked at that yet. The active volcano sounds like it would be neat to see!

New itinerary - blue lagoon in the morning, Reykjavik in the afternoon, relax at the cabin, and the next morning drive around the peninsula a bit before leaving. Much more doable!