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Iceland in October - Waterproof Pants Necessary?

I will be visiting Iceland in a couple of weeks. There is a lot of talk on various blogs about needing waterproof pants while in Iceland in winter. Are they necessary in October?

Thanks in advance!

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We return home tomorrow after eight nights in Iceland, and I would say that rain pants (and coat) were the #1 most useful items I packed. Beyond the obvious uses on rainy days or waterfall hikes, a rain layer provides insulation from wind and cold on clear, sunny days. My rain gear also helped keep me comfortable while patiently watching for the Northern Lights. Rain pants can be rolled tight for packing. You'll be happy to have them!

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Having just returned as well...Dan is correct. You will want them even just wandering Reykjavík.
Everyone there wears water resistant clothing. You’ll fit right in.
Take layers.

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Oh yes. We were there for 2 weeks in September in 2017 and it rained at least little every day. It was the best trip of my life!

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We toured Iceland in the summer and needed rain pants one of the days we were there. So, yes, bring the rain pants. They weigh next to nothing.

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I took them when I went in December, and though it didn't rain or snow, they were a godsend against the fierce winds!

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Rain pants are a must and you will be happy to have them.