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Iceland in late March/early April

I have read mixed information about travel to Iceland in early April. I know the Rick Steve's article recommends summer. Does anyone out there have personal experience with Iceland in April? I would appreciate hearing your thoughts before I decide to commit or choose another destination.


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I have been to Iceland in early April.

It depends on what you plan to do there. I drove around part of the island in a rental car;
if I had been there a couple of weeks earlier I would have been dealing with snowpacked
roads, which is not the greatest thing to cope with on the Ring Road.

If you plan to base in Reykjavik and take guided trips, you should be fine.

That time of the year is seasonable, and the daylight hours are close to normal, which may
be an advantage, or not, from your perspective. But it is nowhere near as crowded, or
expensive for hotels, as the summer.

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There are locals who post on the TripAdvisor Iceland forum. They would be the best for being able to answer your question.

How long will your trip be? Will you be driving or taking tours?

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I will check that out. I haven't planned it all out yet, but would like to rent a car. It's a nine day trip. Not sure if we should stay in one place and do day trips OR stay in different places.

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Shillpaw, you'll find a lot of different itineraries both here and on the TA forum page I mentioned. Staying in one place (like Reykjavik) for 8 days will mean a lot of backtracking, which to me is a waste of time. Given the uncertainties of weather in April, you should consider looking at some tours.