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Iceland in early March

My husband and I traveled to Iceland in July of 2015 and had an amazing trip. Now we want to return in early March to hopefully see the Northeren Lights and also see the west part of Iceland. He wants to stay on the West Fyords area; I would prefer western Iceland. Anyway, looking for suggestions of accommodation in Akureyri. Would prefer to rent a small cottage or house but willing to look at hotels too.
Also (sorry for the mis-spells) wondering about what to expect in the late winter time, navigating the roads, setting up sightseeing, etc. Any suggestions, opinions, experiences would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


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Early March will still be winter, and I would not want to be planning on driving very far. Perhaps someone who lives there knows more, but I believe that a lot of roads in Westfjords will still be closed. There are some locals who post regularly on the TripAdvisor Iceland forum and on the Travel Iceland FaceBook page who may be able to help.

What else did you plan on doing in "western Iceland". I assume that you were in that area in 2015 and have some things you want to come back to see. Akureyri really isn't in western Iceland, it's in the northeastern region.

This has some interesting suggestions for touring Westfjords:

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Thanks for the info. I posted my questions before realizing that Akureyri wasn't in west Iceland, but in north Iceland.

SO would appreciate suggestions and input from Icelandic residents who are familiar with the country. My husband is now saying he doesn't want to rent a car; would rather fly into Akureyri first. Then possibly figure out a way to get over to West Iceland to finish out our trip before going back to the capital and flying back. Guess I'll research some of the tour options too.

Any natives out there who want to weigh in, please do. Or people who have traveled to Iceland enough to know the lay of the land. Thanks

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Hi Deborah, Not sure if you already made plans since your last post. I visited Iceland in December and did the Ring Road. Flying directly to Akureyri is a good idea, then drive just the Western parts. During the Ring Road, I found the eastern and north-eastern parts of the Ring Road to be quite dull. Although, we were driving through a snow storm so there was not much to see and we were focused on trying to stay alive! If I were to visit again, I'd just fly to Akureyri, and really take my time to soak in all that the western parts have to offer. Hope you have a great trip!!

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I agree with naalehuretiree. We have been to Iceland twice, and our third trip is in just over a week now. There is no way I would consider driving in March as that is still very much winter there. The resources mentioned are great, but also check out Iceland With A View. She is an expat that does travel planning and her tips were the most helpful for our last trip.

As for places to stay, we mostly used and that worked great for us.

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We have done our travels to Iceland on our own, except recently. We took a 3 day tour with Troll tours.
Would recommend it.
We did the golden circle, and south coast, with a glacier hike and an ice cave. Wonderful.

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We are back from our 3rd trip. We had one day that the weather was good, so we rented a car for just a day and that worked out perfectly. During our trip though, a huge storm came through and one day every road was closed. We were supposed to do a 2 day tour with Troll, but that was cancelled because of the weather. We were able to do a one day tour with them, right before the storm arrived in full force, and it was wonderful. Troll was very good to work with, and they refunded our money asap. I was impressed with how they handled everything, FWIW.