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Iceland hotels - are washcloths provided?

Couldn't find this detail in the RS guidebook. Thanks!

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I stayed at a budget hotel. in Reykjavik. They, at least, did not. Seems to me most of my accommodations in Europe do not provide washcloths. If this is a routine you can't alter, what about bringing a couple of those microfiber washcloths, usually used for cleaning? (Of course, buy new) They dry quickly

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Washcloths are not common in European hotels. You will find them here or there but mostly in hotels that get many Americans.

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I always make a point of packing a colored or patterned washcloth to be sure it doesn't get scooped up by accident when the housekeeping staff changes the linens.

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I pick up a package of 12 (10?) very thin, usually pastel colored wash clothes at Target or BB&B. We count hotels on our trip, and figure one per hotel. When we check out, we leave it behind, hoping that housekeeping will be able to use it. We try to leave as small a footprint as possible....we’ve tried the “puffs”, etc....but you’re still dealing with something damp in your luggage.

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my wife takes a poof and keeps it in a ziplock bag so never worries about wet clothes.

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Thanks for all the helpful replies. We are going ultralight with Icelandair carry ons. I've settled on bringing lightweight, quick-dry camping washcloths and towels (for thermal baths). If they are damp at checkout on the final day, they will be left behind.