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Iceland going to Level Red

My husband and I returned from 2 weeks in Iceland last Friday, July 23. We feel like we got in and out during a short window of restriction free travel, other then airports and planes. However, while we were in Hohn towards the end of our trip 2 restaurants in that town shut down due to employees testing positive for Covid. This certainly put more burden on the other restaurants. And we did notice not everyone adheres to keeping on their masks in the airports and on the planes. I feel lucky we were able to make this trip but feel for the locals in Iceland that are trying to stay safe and yet make a living from tourism during this tenuous time.

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Are you from the EU? The referenced European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) is obviously not the CDC, whose guidance applies to US-based travelers. Not sure how to interpret this since the target audience is Europeans.

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This could affect Americans who are using Icelandair to connect to other areas of Europe. If Iceland does go red then traveling through there could affect their arrival in other European countries. (as in quarantine.)

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atnebel's prior posting history indicates returning to the US.