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Iceland for old guy?

Two questions.
Is there a recommended planned, managed tour I can purchase to spend a week or so in Iceland, Summer of 2020?
The other question: Spent the Summer in Alaska, found out that @ 70 years old, there are some trails and hikes I can’t do any more.
Is there an “Iceland Geezer Tour” I should look for, so as to better match up with my current physical condition?
(Or what other options should I consider?)

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Off topic, fsh396ss, but did you get to Katmai to see the bears? It is one of my most fervent desires the last two years.

And PS, a few years ago I took a hike/walk around part of the lake in Hallstatt alone, so in my early 60s. After slipping and sliding down some inclines, it suddenly occurred to me that being totally on my own in a rustic setting when no one knew where I was, might not be a totally good idea. Will be interested in hearing what others say about Iceland.


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Check out “Exploring Iceland” from Odysseys Unlimited which is a tour company popular with senior citizens.

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I never thought of 70 as "geezer" - that's my parents' age! Anyhow, Iceland has an excellent tourist infrastructure. The main city, Reykjavik, is very walkable. You could spend a few days touring Reykjavik on foot and then signing up for different day tours that fit your interests for the rest of the week. They don't have any strenuous hiking involved (unless you want to scale a glacier, Iceland's topography is pretty flat). Look into Reykjavik Excursions or other tour outfitters for different options. I think Iceland is VERY easy to do as a do-it-yourself trip at any age. The folks over the visitor's center are also super helpful and can give you ideas on the ground. You could consider vacation packages through Iceland Air as well, since they'll bundle the flight plus lodging costs, which are quite significant in Iceland.

First, start with online resources:

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You've been given lots of good ideas, so far. I'll add that we (close in age to you) used Nordic Visitor last September for a self-drive tour, but they also do small group tours. You can call them and ask what would suit your needs, but I don't think you are much different than many of the visitors to Iceland. Iceland is beautiful, so don't short-sell yourself.

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All of the responses above are fantastic and accurate.
We were in Iceland last week with a group ranging in ages from 30-75+, with varying physical ability. I admit that I was on the low end of that rating; injured a foot early in the trip. I’m right in the middle of age for our group but slowed everyone else down as I limped along the first several days. All of the tour sites are very accessible and easy to manage.

The ‘lower trail’ along Gullfoss has ~152 steep steps to climb back up. I took one look at that and decided ‘No Thanks I’ll stay on the upper trail!’. Part of our group did go on that lower trail, and got soaked. I got better pictures from the upper trail. : )

In Reykjavík: most of the city is relatively flat. Not many hills, nothing like Edinburgh Scotland or Quebec City Canada. Most hills are gradual, nothing steep. Even with a bum foot, I could easily manage the few hills.

It’s my belief that illustrators of Reykjavík maps may have a sense of humor. City blocks in Reykjavík proper, especially in suburbs, are big. This was a surprise for us. We found ourselves using the red Hop on Hop off buses or taxis a lot to get between tourist focused sites. And no, the taxis are not expensive if you use them between 8am-3pm.

You should be fine! Compared to other places we’ve been, Iceland accommodates all types of travelers very graciously.