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Iceland as close as we might get to outer space

If you are considering (or if you have already been) a trip to Iceland, you will get a kick out of Iceland's latest promotional campaign:

The Ad:

We loved our visit to Iceland. The best way we could describe it at the time was: Sort of like Hawaii, but without big cities, without topical plants, without the crowds, and without warm weather. The geothermal processes are fascinating, too.

Lovely place that one just has to experience.

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Haha, thanks for sharing. I didn't think Iceland needed advertising with all the stories of overcrowding.

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We just got back the other week from our 4th trip to Iceland. We have said on on every trip that there are areas you feel like you are on the moon. I guess we were on to something;)

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Google up "astronauts training in Iceland". Yes it was one of the "moon-like" places the Apollo astronauts trained. I connected into Reykjavik airport once about 15 years ago early in the morning with a group of people who were exclaiming about the terrain we had flown over. Two female gate agents said in sarcastic unison "yaaaaahhhh, just like the moooooon!" without even looking up.

It's a change from an old slogan they used back in the '60s-'70s (I think I saw it in Nat'l Geographic): "Europe's Blondest Blondes". Memorable to an impressionable young man.