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Iceland Air KEF- SEA (or your US arrival airport?) things to know!

I flew round trip non - stop SEA- KEF recently.
Both flights were on time. Be aware that unless you preorder a meal, which was delivered to those passengers soon after takeoff, there was no service until an offer of water (and possibly coffee?) before landing.
Although I never check bags, for this trip, based on Iceland Air's dimension graphic, my wheeled original Away small carryon was just slightly too long and my trusty Eddie Bauer duffel (less than 2 lbs) slightly too wide.
As it turned out the Away suitcase fit perfectly in the sizer at SeaTac and I was under the weight limit. But the personal item permitted is very small. My Hedgren small tote just made it- I wasn't asked to put it in the sizer. And what would have been my underseat bag turned into the carryon. Having a trolley sleeve was really helpful for the airports.
I used a Tom Bihn "pocket" convertible crossbody instead of a money belt- perfect size for phone, tiny card wallet and passport.
My helpful heads up was about the experience in KEF. For whatever reason we were shuffled to various locations downstairs. It was hot and crowded and the two water fountains upstairs had had a huge line waiting , so mine was empty.
I was selected for a really thorough secondary screening after passport control. It looked like many others were, too? I was taken to a small room and the agent kept my passport. She was pleasant but basically emptied my carryon, swiped all my stuff with those strips, took my shoes off ( poor her!), More swiping. My packing cubes made a huge difference in the process.
Then onto the next line. Someone said it was the US who wants the extra measures? Regardless- make sure you have water and have used the bathroom!
Absolutely the Customs App was awesome! I downloaded it before the trip, SO fast and in SEA (after the interminable luggage wait) was #3 in the line rather than the snaking enormous one.
Hope this is helpful to someone else and safe travels!

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We just got back 2 weeks ago, also out of SEA. We have been to Iceland 5 times so far, and including this trip, they do offer food if you ask. When they come through with a quick drink service, if you ask for something off the card in the seat pocket, they have it. They just don't advertise it or ask you if you want anything.

I have seen people scrambling to get to their gate after that extra screening. Last fall when we went, two people in a group of 6, almost missed the flight because of it.

How was your trip?

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On our last trip 2019, my husband and daughter were also subjected to extra screening. They made it to the gate on time, but no time for getting any food or coffee. It was a very short layover. I think it was less than an hour?
We ordered food on board. The food were not good, but better than nothing.
That was our 3rd time flying with Iceland air. Transfering in KEV was usually very efficient, unless if we had to go through extra screening. Next time i'll try to get longer layover time just in case we are selected for extra screening.

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Hello - I will be traveling to Iceland for the first time this year and first time flying Iceland air. I am flying economy, not Sega. How long did the extra screening take? I want to be sure I leave enough time to get through security on my return flight. I don't want to miss my flight. Also, someone mentioned food/ meals. Are these included with your ticket or did you have to pay extra for them?
Thanks for the informtion.

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to fourpoodles75 question about food, in economy you have no food provided, you have to purchase. You can order your items ahead of time (through the "manage my booking" feature) or purchase on board. The pre-ordered items are more substantial (sandwiches). I personally would eat before your flight and pack your own snacks.

As for screening time, I didn't experience that myself so perhaps the OP will weigh in on that. Keep in mind that the airport is a solid 45 minutes from the center of Reykjavik, so plan for that travel time on your return to the airport. Icelandair says to be there 2 hours ahead of a flight

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Thank you for the information. My flight leaves at 5PM and I plan to drop the rental off @ 2 PM. They say 30 minutes tops for drop off. So, hopefully enough time to get to the airport & though security.