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Iceland Air and carry on bag size

Does anyone have experience with how strict Iceland Air is with their carryon measurements? The Rick Steves rolling carry-on I have is nine inches in depth and Iceland air says the maximum is 7.8 inches (the other two measurements are OK). I’ll probably just take my chances but would enjoy hearing anyone else’s experiences (we travel in May).

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It seems to be a fairly common question on here for people to ask how strict any particular airline is on carryon size. And the general answer is always “are you feeling lucky today?” Airlines establish guidelines for a reason. Yes, sometimes the gate keepers aren’t picky on something close, other times, especially on full flights, they can demand it fit within their metal contraption with no leeway.

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I haven’t had a problem in Frankfurt, Paris, and Denver but someone on this forum has said that Seattle is super strict

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I decided to take a larger bag so I could pack my hiking poles, so we didn't attempt to carry on our RS Ravenna cases on our last trip.

I watched closely, and I saw a lot of bags get carried on that way over the maximum 7.8 inches. There were also many suitcases that got pulled to be checked. People that checked in online were called up to the gate agent. They took most of these travelers' bags, but a few obviously large ones weren't looked at. On the flight over, I don't think your RS suitcase would have flagged as being too large.

Coming back, they were pushing for everyone to check their bag. I just had a backpack and purse, so I was okay.

We flew Minneapolis-Oslo, RT. Both flights were full.

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I have flown Iceland Air multiple times. Two times, they were checking bags at the sizer in Seattle. The rest of the time it was pretty much anything goes with people bringing as many as two large carryons aboard.. So, my answer is that most of the time I doubt it will be an issue. However, you never know in advance if your flight will become the flight where this is enforced........

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I fly out of Seattle and have used Icelandair quite a bit. Every single time our bags, and everyone around us, has had their bags weighed and measured. I do not fly Saga class, so can only speak for economy. When I was at the airport last month (flying elsewhere), I checked my RS rolling bag to see if it fit in their sizer and it did with plenty of room. I was just curious as I had not taken the bag on that airline yet. Just remember, they weigh the bags as well.

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15340 posts you have other carry on bags besides this new one or are you checking a bag?

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I flew Saga class in June of last year direct Seattle to KEF. I bought a special roller bag that measured 7.8” so I could do all carry on. On the way over it barely fit in the overhead bin. Coming back I could have easily gotten away with my 9” bag. So it depends on the plane, which can of course change last minute.

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Have never noticed Icelandair sizing up carry on bags in YVR and they’re definitely less obsessed about it when flying from anywhere in Saga Premium class

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At SEA in February, they were making everyone put their bags into the sizer, including Saga class. If it did not fit and the weight was not within limit, they made the customers check their bags.

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I have flown Iceland Air out of JFK, BOS and of course, KEF. In Saga class.

At JFK they were having everyone put their bag in the sizer after looking at their boarding pass. Except me. They looked at mine and waved me on.

At BOS, no one checked anything.

At KEF, I've never been asked about my bags.

It looks like SEA is the odd man out.

My bag is 55 x 35 x 23. (9 inches instead of 7.8)

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I bought the same bag Linda bought (I used hers a a recommendation to buy mine). I had no issues. That said, there was limited overhead space on my flight from BWI to KEF and I saw them making people check bags. The one above me was taken up with lifeboats. So I recommend sticking to the allowed size if one can.

KEF to BWI home I had no issues and no one even looked at my bag.