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I'm trying to come up with my own itinerary for coastal route.

I have been to Iceland once and did a lot of the stuff you would expect. The waterfalls and mountains close to the capital, and also blue lagoon. I have decided though that I fancy the coast road next Spring, but wondering how on earth to work out where to jump off and see various sites? Because there are so many to choose from. I found myself on, but I know that it can be influenced by Wikipedia consultants so don't think I can trust it.

Does anyone have any tips on where to start with this mammoth task?

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I can't really give suggestions without knowing how many days you have. We just got back again last week from our 5th trip.

Iceland With A View is a great resource and she has a you tube channel that has all sorts of helpful video's.

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There are many itineraries on the Travel Iceland FaceBook page as well as the TripAdvisor Iceland page. You will be overwhelmed with your choices!

When we planned our trip several years ago, we just decided that seeing waterfalls was our main focus. So we read up on all of the different waterfalls all over the island and started planning out routes. Of course, it all depends on your timing, but you need at least 10 days to two weeks and that isn't nearly enough time. We also found lots of other stuff to do along the way, such as a zodiac boat tour on the glacier lagoon.

In reality, no matter how much you plan, there's so much to see along the route that you will make a lot of unscheduled stops. And just realize that you can't see and do it all unless you have two or three months to spare.