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Husavik vs. Siglufjordur

We will be in Iceland for six nights in September. Originally, we were going to spend three nights in Husavik, and three nights in the South Coast. But now, I am looking at the Siglo Hotel in Siglufjordur which looks fantastic. Siglufjordur looks a little out of the way with not as much to do as Husavik, while Husavik is close to the Diamond Circle activities, whale watching, and Geothermal pools. Both towns look picturesque, but I am really drawn to the hotel in Siglufjordur. Has anyone been to both places? Which would you prefer? Right now, I am thinking two nights in Husavik and one in Siglufjordur, but I am tempted to change my plans to three nights in Siglufjordur and just drive the extra time to see the Husavik sights. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Consider this -- the hotel is where you spend the night. You will be out and about every day, driving back and forth to activities. So what is more important -- where you sleep or what you do during the day?

And it will take you a lot longer to drive to Siglufjordur even from Akureyri than Google Maps says. It's a narrow 2-lane road and very slow going. And the road from Akureyri to Husavik is similar (plus paying for going through the tunnel). If you really like the hotel in Siglufjordur, then just stay there one night and move on. But my opinion is to stay in Husavik for your activities there.

When we went, we stopped for lunch in Siglufjordur, and spent the night in Akureyri. Then we spent two nights in Myvatn for all of the activities in that area, including Detifoss, Husavik, etc.

BTW, when we were in Siglufjordur, in early September two years ago, almost everything in town was closed. Hard to even find a place to grab lunch.

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The tunnel does cost, buy you can easily go around that at no cost at all and it is quite scenic, IME.

I agree, stay where there are more activities that you want to do.

In August 2021, we did a ring road trip and stayed in Olafsfjordur for one night. That is pretty close to where you are thinking, and while the area was very pretty there wasn't much to do. We knew that and planned accordingly so that it was just a nights stay and we were on the road early in the morning. If we would have had more time there I am not really sure what we would have done. There was horseback riding, but that was about it.

While in Husavik, I highly recommend GeoSea! We arrived when it opened and there were only a couple other people there. It was incredibly relaxing and a highlight for al of us.