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How to dress men and women?

Somewhere I have read this spring that in Ireland the “dress code” differs from the US because it is not as casual. What about jeans? So someone who has been there recently maybe in May of last year, might answer how the people in their fifties and sixties dress. Thank you!

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It's no different from home. Wear what you want.
Nobody else cares any more how your dress there than they do where you live. Period.

Cross this off your list of things to worry about.

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I don't travel with jeans, but not because of some dress code. Rather, if you are traveling light, as RS strongly recommends, and even occasionally doing laundry in your room, jeans don't work well. They are heavier than most alternatives, and take a particularly long time to dry.

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We’ve been to Dublin in May - and July .

Bring a raincoat / windbreaker , bring a few long sleeved tops in case it’s cool ( yeah even in July ) .

We’ve been to about a dozen countries in Europe , several times each for many of them .
We find Ireland very casual . Good walking shoes and rain gear . T hurts and jeans are fine ( jeans are heavy to pack but advantage is you can wear them multiple times before washing )

Ok on edit - are you talking about Iceland or Ireland ? Your post says Ireland but it’s under Iceland’s topic heading ?

And btw we are mid fifties - so in your requested age range .

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Jeans may be heavy, but they don't show dirt. I wear one pair on the plane and carry one pair along with one or two pairs of khaki pants--all heavily starched at the laundry. It's a wonder how long you can wear pants when starched and they still look decent. They don't stain as much starched either.

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I don’t think I have been anywhere on the planet where people don’t wear jeans.

People may tend to dress a bit smarter to go out to a restaurant, but few places will have a dress code, unless you are looking at a Michelin-starred restaurant and many of those I have been to haven’t stated a dress code.

People in their fifties and sixties are less likely to wear sneakers, other than when playing sport, compared to the States.

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I was a little confused about concerns over a dress code in Iceland. Then I saw that you're talking about Ireland. You've received some good answers here, but you might get more if your question is posted on the Ireland forum.

As many have said, jeans rule almost anywhere and anytime.

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Jeans are fine in terms of "dressiness or casualness" however Iceland gets a lot of rain. We wore waterproof pants. Not fashionably exactly but convenient and we felt comfortable enough going anywhere in them (including decent restaurants).

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Too bad you can't get this moved to the proper travel forum - Ireland, instead of Iceland.....