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How much time for Golden Circle?

How much time is needed for the Golden Circle (Thingvellir National Park, Geysir, Gullfoss)? Could we fit that into the itinerary for one of our days, below (between Snorkeling and Sky Lagoon)?

Day 6 – Silfra snorkeling @ 11 am (they say to allow 3 hours), back to Reykjavik (or Golden Circle), Sky lagoon @ 7 pm

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Yes, you would have time for the GC before being back at Sky at 7. Just keep an eye on the clock while visiting the sights.

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I find that schedule too difficult, although we did not have that objective. Rick describes the snorkeling (did not do) as time consuming, and Thingvellir is necessarily time-consuming. (Slower roads inside the park, too.) Distances even in western Iceland are very large between attractions. You are choosing to limit your visits in number and time. I was glad to have time for the South Coast, BTW.

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If I read this right, setting off for the Golden Circle at 2, trying to get back to Sky Lagoon at 7
doesn't leave you much time. I did the whole thing in a day, so if you gave up snorkeling and
started off in the morning, you could probably see everything in a day without too much stress
and get to the Lagoon by 7.

Taking 38 -> 427 -> 43 to the Lagoon would avoid having to approach Reykjavik and might save
you some time. But there are always things that get in the way. I hit a road under construction
that wasn't designated on the map, and you want to leave time to veer off the main road and see
things you didn't know were there, like a small church.

You also don't say what time of the year you're going. Sunset will impact driving time a bit, as
well as crowds. Thingvellir may not be that crowded, but it is large and takes a while to get
through/around. Gullfoss is easily an hour or two. Maybe an hour for Geysir. If high season,
add time for crowds and traffic.