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Hiking in Þórsmörk

I'll be hiking in Þórsmörk on June 23rd. I will arrive via bus and will have 6 hours to spend there before taking the bus back to Reykjavík. I'm trying to decide which day hike(s) to do. RS rates Valahnúkur and Stakkholtsgjá canyon the highest but comments that the later is "tricky to combine with other hikes in the area". Unfortunately, I cannot find a good trail map online and google maps is giving me funky results when I try to get directions between the two areas, so I can't figure out whether I would be able to do both within the 6 hour timeframe I have. I hike at a medium pace and will be stoping to take photographs along the way. Any idea of whether this is doable? Would like to have some spare time to make sure I'm able to catch the return bus. Also, absent maps, would be great if someone can help me with directions of how to connect them. I looked it up and seems to me that the plan would be to ask the bus driver to drop me at Stakkholtsgjá (since they only stop there upon request), do that hike and then walk along the river towards Básar, where I can cross the river (as this is not possible closer to Stakkholtsgjá since is deep/fast and there are no bridges there), then walk towards the Volcano Huts area, do the Valahnúkur hike and take return bus from the Volcano Huts. Does that sound right?

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I assume you'll be in Reykjavik first, so stop by their tourist info center. I have a feeling their knowledgeable staff can help you, including pointing you to some maps of the area and advising on the logistics. I got some great maps and help there, much more than from any other source.