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Grimsey island worth the trip?

I’ve read mixed reviews about going to Grimsey island in North Iceland to see the globe that marks the Arctic Circle. For those who have made the journey, is it worth it? I believe it’s 3.5 hours by ferry and then 2 hour plus hike.
We will be in North Iceland for 2 days so if we go here we will probably need to skip other sites. Thanks in advance!

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In my September trip planning process I have been watching some YouTube videos. Only one couple went there; they were in Iceland for 4 weeks and admitted it was worth it only if the Arctic Circle is a Bucket List item. The ferry ride was long and choppy. I had it on the list of possibilities but removed it. We have 14 days so to us, not worth it.

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I haven't been there, but honestly there is soooo much to do in North Iceland that I can't imagine spending one of my two days going to Grimsey just to say I've been north of the Arctic Circle. Of course, if it's on your bucket list before you die, then go for it.

What else have you planned to do?

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We have not made it to this place even after 3 trips to Iceland so far, so I can't way whether it is worth it or not.

Just throwing this out there, but you could use your time in Iceland to see the many wonderful sights and then go to Alaska for the Arctic Circle.