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Gas Stations / Fuel Availability

Hello, my family will be visiting Iceland for 10 days (9 nights) this coming June 2022.

We will be staying in three places: Snæfellsnes Peninsula, Reykjavik, and Vik. With this said, are there gas stations / fuel pumps available throughout the country? We will be driving a lot (Snaefellsnes, Golden Circle, Westman Islands, Jökulsárlón, etc.). I do not want to worry about running on a low tank of fuel while driving and enjoying this amazing country.

Thanks in advance for your help and recommendations.

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The basic rule of thumb for Iceland is to never let your vehicle get below half a tank. There are gas stations all over, but some areas they are not abundant. So don't worry about, but do fill up whenever you have the chance.

BTW, you did not ask, but we used Apple Pay for gas most of the time on our ring road trip last August. Worked like a charm!