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UPDATED Food Allergy accommodations at restaurants?

Hi, I have a dairy allergy. Does anyone have any experience with food allergies in Iceland? We will be there for a week and are staying within the touristy areas. Thanks!

For anyone who is interested, we returned from our amazing trip and I am happy to report that having dairy, gluten, or vegan restrictions is not a problem at all. EVERY restaurant we went to was clearly labeled, had options, and the staff was knowledgeable. It was way easier to eat in Iceland than where I live in the US. I never once had a contamination issue either. It was the icing on truly fantastic vacation.

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Glad it worked out well for you. Our adult daughter is dairy and gluten free and has eaten very well there!

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Also very pleased to hear this as I am gf and df. Often it is easier to avoid gluten than lactose. Do you know if coconut yogurt is available in Iceland?

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I just got back from Iceland a couple of weeks ago and also didn't have any issues with my food allergy. I didn't even have a minor reaction as I sometimes have eating out at home. I agree, it was easier to eat out with a food allergy in Iceland than in the US... I do have to say the food was amazing, especially in Reykjavik.

Also, to answer the last question, we saw plant based yogurt quite often.