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"Flybus" between KEF and domestic airports

We are planning a stopover in Iceland on our way back from Norway in August. We want to fly to Akureyri in the north out of the city airport in Reykjavik. Rick's book says that the "Flybus" between KEF and the downtown airport goes to the central bus terminal, and for a little extra fee, they will take you in a van to the domestic airport. Does anyone know if this is still the case in the covid world?

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I just went to the website for this service. One of the choices on the pull down menu is for the Domestic Airport. I can't imagine that they will sell a ticket to the domestic airport and then not bring you there!

I used this bus service in 2019 to the bus station and back and it worked great. You walk outside and right onto a bus at the airport.

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The flybus is great. It brought us right to our hotel in Reykjavik when we arrived and picked us up at our hotel in Reykjavik to go back to the airport.

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I did it the other way......when my flight arrived from Akureyri into Reykjavik city airport (RKV), a Flybus van picked me up at the bus stop and drove me to the bus terminal. From there I switched to a full size bus to KEF. (The bus terminal is something like a 5-7 minute ride from RKV.)

You have to make reservations for this. They don't just stop at RKV.

A few things you need to know about RKV. The terminal is tiny. No, I mean tiny. There is one gate. There is one baggage carousel. And it's tiny There is one snack bar. Not much else. You can't check in for your flight more than 45 minutes before departure. And there is no security. After you check in, and when your flight is called, you walk to the gate (maybe 25 feet) and walk outside to the plane. The only security is when the flight is outside Iceland. And that's only to Greenland.

The same thing at Akureyri. Tiny terminal, short check in time, no security. If you will need a taxi in Akureyri, you might want to book one before you arrive. I didn't and waited nearly 30 minutes for one to arrive after I called.

If you are going to a hotel after return to Reykjavik, the Flybus can longer drop you directly at your hotel liked it used to. It uses bus stops and they will drop you at the closest one to your hotel.

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Frank II, thank you so much for the detailed information! I'll be sure to pre-book the Flybus when we come back from Akureyri because we are going straight from RKV to KEF. Looks like there is a bus stop that the vans go to very near our hotel for our night in Reykjavik prior to flying to Akureyri. This will be our second time in Iceland. First trip we spent some time on the south coast, so we are looking forward to seeing the north.

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Flying to Akureyri is a good idea. The drive from Hofn to Akureyri was so boring, so long, and wish I had skipped all of eastern fjords and went straight to Akureyri.

But yes, Flybus is still a thing and yes they pack the bus pretty full, but everyone should be wearing masks. Not sure if that's changed since December.

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You can take Flybus from KEF to the Reykjavik domestic airport. Might be the cheapest, but won't be the fastest. That would probably be a taxi, which would cost a whole lot more than the bus (unless you have four people).

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You have plenty of time to transfer.

A taxi is fastest and easiest. But it is also the most expensive. The drive will take about 45 minutes. It will run somewhere between $125 and $150 US dollars.

The Flybus is much less expensive, efficient and will get you there probably in around an hours times. You pick up the Flybus right outside the exit of the terminal. It takes you to the main bus terminal. (Don't get excited.....your local supemarket is probably twice the size of the bus terminal.)
From there you switch to a smaller vehicle that will take you to the Reykjavik airport. It's very simple and very efficiently run. Figure and hour to 1:15 for the entire transfer.

As I stated previously, you might want to pre-book a taxi for your arrival in Akureyri.