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Feedback on FlyBus schedule to airport

I am looking for some feedback from those who have used the FlyBus to get to the airport. I am wondering about how efficient and basically how accurate their schedule is. We have a flight to return to the U.S. at 11 am on a Sunday in September. Right now I have booked an 8 am pick up for an estimated arrival of 9:15 am at the airport and I am second guessing my choice (should I change that for an earlier pick-up?). Our pick-up location is bus stop #9. Thanks in advance.

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Sorry, we didn't take Flybus back to the airport (took a taxi), but I do think that you need an earlier time. You are scheduled to arrive less than two hours before your flight, which is cutting it close, but you have no leeway if your pickup is late or if you encounter delays along the way.

You could also post on the TripAdvisor Iceland forum. It's an active forum with lots of local people as well as experienced travellers.

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I have taken flybus back to the airport and it worked fine. You wait at the pickup location and others will join the line. A shuttle picks you up and takes everyone to the bus station where you load onto the bus for the airport.

I might be tempted for a little bit earlier pickup just to build in some cushion.

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Way too late. Remember, as you leave Iceland you have to go through exit immigration. The last time I went through that alone took 30 minutes. Then there is check in and security.

If you have checked bags add some time to check them in. If the self check in doesn't work, the lines can be long.

Will you have your boarding passes? If not, the machines can sometimes be finicky. Try to do this online.

I would book an earlier trip to the airport. Worse comes to worse and you have extra time you can get a cup of coffee or buy some Icelandic chocolate for the people you don't like but have to bring something.

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Thanks for all the feedback. I just had the reservation changed to 7 am. I forgot to mention that we won't be checking any bags and I always do check-in in advance but may not have the boarding passes. What just freaked me out alittle is that I looked up the booking to see if I could change it myself and although my documentation said 9/15 the booking said 9/14 ?!?! I'll work with customer service to make sure this is accurate.

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Yes, smart to go with the earlier time. We have been to Iceland many times and always allow at lest 3 hours at the airport to come home. Whatever you do, do not hang around the duty free/resturants area waiting for your gate to be announced. Coming back to the US, you leave out of the D gates. They only announce the gates about 45 minutes before departure, so then it is a mad rush through passport etc. So do whatever shopping, but then head to the gates. There are more restaurants and shopping there too, but then you are not running to the gate.

Back to your question though, yes Flybus is easy enough. We have used it a few times, but now we just prefer the ease of a taxi if we are not renting a car, which is what we usually do On our trip last month, our two taxi fares between KEF and Reykjavik were $120 and $140, just to give you an idea of cost. BTW we have used bus stop #9 several times as we have stayed at the hotel right smack in front of it. It is one of the last stops before heading to BSI, so you may not have seats together, if that matters to you. Just a heads up:)

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We recently used Flybus and it was great. You do need to notify them that you will be at stop #9 at the time you arranged so they know to stop. Our hotel did this for us. We were at stop #3 and several people were there on a Sunday morning at 7 am. When you arrive at the bus terminal, go through the station to another set of busses all going to the airport. You just get on as directed. 45 minutes to the airport.