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Eiriksstadir Event in July

A friend of ours will be demonstrating blacksmithing at the Eiriksstadir Viking event July 5-7. Since we will be in Reykjavik during that time we might rent a car to drive up there, maybe about a two hour drive (?). Has anybody been to this event that could share their experience with us? Thanks!

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We have not been to that event, but looking at its location I would allow a good 3 hours to get there. Google maps its notoriously optimistic, and based on our other drives up Snaefellsness, I cannot imagine this drive taking only 2 hours. I would say 2 1/2 if you got lucky, but closer to 3 would be more realistic. It is a beautiful drive, so allow enough time for some stops as well.

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Oh, gosh, thanks for letting me know about the travel time. That would be a lot to do in one day for us (we're seniors), going up and then coming back to Reykjavik in the evening. Maybe we'll skip it. Our friend can show us photos! lol Thanks again. You are always so helpful! Can't wait to visit this beautiful country in July -- our first, but hopefully not our last, visit.