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Driver for group of 7

I am in the midst of planning a trip to Iceland with my 6 grandsons, ages 14-25, and I will be traveling with them. If it is possible to get a driver, I think we would all enjoy the trip a lot more. We are thinking about going over Thanksgiving, so I know the roads might not be the best.

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Bigger problem and expensive will be an eight passenger van. You will want a guide with a big van.

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You might try contacting the Reykjavik Tourist Office to see if they can help you.

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We visited Iceland right after Christmas and were also a group of 7, from ages 75 to 15. We opted for 2 small bus tours, a 2 day South Coast and Ice Cave tour and a Golden Circle and Secret Lagoon tour. The maximum number of passengers is 19. We were able to sit together, and though not private tours we really enjoyed them. The rest of our 7 nights were spent in 2 apartments in Reykjavik where we could walk to all the sights. As you said, the trips were more enjoyable with someone else driving and though still expensive, it was worth it. The whole experience was fantastic!

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We hired Bjorn at as a guide in iceland and he was amazing. He is personable, flexible and well worth the cost. Somewhere in a Rick Steves' travel recommendation he described a guide as "hiring a friend for a day." That perfectly described Bjorn.