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Does Iceland require hiking?

Hi -
My husband and I are in our late 70's and not athletic. Does enjoying Iceland require a lot of hiking or can it be seen as a road trip with some walking?
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I don't think you need to hike to enjoy the most popular areas of Iceland like the Golden Circle. You may not be able to get as up close and personal to the waterfalls without a bit of a scramble nor will you be able to hike into some of the more remote hot springs but that shouldn't keep you from enjoying your visit.

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We can definitely enjoy it without hiking. We have been 4 times so far and headed back again this summer. There is SO much to see with just walking from a car park to a site, you will be fine:)

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I, too, have been to Iceland four times and I don't hike. Great place.

One bit of warning....if you are traveling outside Reykjavik, some areas can be quite hilly. As an example, in Akureyri, the walk from my hotel to the supermarket was so hilly I asked if I could hire a Sherpa guide.

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Absolutely no need to hike. Plenty to see if you're doing a road trip, and you can pull the car in and take in the views as you like. You didn't say what time of year that you're thinking of visiting, but since you said road trip, my guess is not winter months. One of my absolute favorite places in the world, and so much to see! You'll be stunned by how beautiful it is!