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Dilemma: Iceland and Scotland OR Ireland and Scotland

My husband can only do part of a vacation for 7 days and the rest of my family can do an additional 5 days (in Scotland at our friends family estate that they enjoy once a year). My dilemma is where should we go with the 4 of us only before my husband has to depart back to the US (since he is not able to make that particular week).

7 days:

Option 1 (Iceland/Scotland): Should we do the IcelandAir with the stopover for 2 or 3 days, then fly to Scotland, do 4 or 5 days with my husband who would like to see the Highlands (1 important item for him)?


Option 2 (Ireland/Scotland): Should we do a flight to Ireland enjoy that country for 3-4 days and then travel up to Scotland for his remaining time in available and ship him back from Edinburgh and then we meet up with our friends?


Option 3: (Scotland Only): Am i being unrealistic? Maybe Scotland only? This time....

We have not been to any of the three countries so either option would be super but since he is on a tighter time-frame I am trying to figure out best use of it with him and our 18 and 21 year old children (who will also be happy with either i'm sure).


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It is hard to advise based on the limited information we have. But I would say either Iceland or all Scotland. Adding Ireland might be a bit too much. And Iceland Air does have good stopovers on the way to Glasgow. The two are very close by air as well. You will ideally need the 3 days in Iceland in order to really see things.

You do not say where in Scotland you will be, or what you might do in the 5 extra days. But a few days for all to see Edinburgh and visit the Highlands before your husband has to fly home would be nice.

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Do the seven days include traveI to and from the U.S.? like all of them but from what you wrote I would focus mostly on Scotland. You can easily fill 7 days. Or you could stop over in Iceland for two and then head over to Glasgow.

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Thank you to all thus far and sorry was not more clear!

To Stephen (thank you!) the answer is mixed I feel. Yes (for my husband since it is shorter trip than it is for the rest of us so because of that we would prefer to save some if we can.
To Douglas (thank you!) and the days with our friend is in the Highlands so this is the part that adds to my confusion since the kids and i will be there specifically for 5 days (do we want to spend that much more time in Scotland doing similar things we will do after he returns to the states (?).
To Frank (thank you!) and 7 days on land (2 days travel for my husband)

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What time of year? The daylight hours in Iceland can really affect what you are able to do. I went and LOVED Iceland. I think it is a lovely stopover.

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I did Scotland and Iceland in 17 days. We spent 4 nights in Iceland after leaving Glasgow and felt rushed. We wanted one more day (at least). I pick one or the other and enjoy a not rushed vacation. We loved the highlands and found lots to do and see and Iceland was a WOW! You won't go wrong with either decision.

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To Kate (thank you!), mid-May for just my husband and the remaining 3 of us get to stay thru the 30th of May.

To Nancy (thank you!), love to hear that either choice I make will be a good one!

Thank you all, never really have used this type of forum before however it is just really helpful!