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Cost of Plane Tickets

We're a family of 7 planning to visit Iceland for 7 nights, leaving SF on December 27. I thought I had seen fares for around $500 but in checking early this week I found they're $830. Is anyone familiar with the cost to fly this route? It looks like this might be the best price and I hesitate to wait for a better price as fares have the same chance of going up.

Any ideas? Thanks for any help.

Posted by David
Seattle, WA, USA
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No way to know for sure.

Air fares go up and down all the time, based on a variety of factors - including demand - plus plenty of others which are a complete mystery to all but their mighty computer.

If you're traveling right around major holidays (like Christmas and New Years) you can expect to pay more. Maybe a lot more. I would not be surprised at all for fares to be high around that time of the year (between Christmas and New Years).

Posted by Jazz+Travels
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That is what is costing right now it could go down or up. I am thinking the price will go up since it is during the holidays. I have traveled ever year since 2014 around that time and the prices are high generally. But sometimes the airlines have a 3day sale. You only get those notices via email if you sign up on individual airline sites. I know I may have gotten fall air fare sale notices recently in April or May

Posted by aquamarinesteph
Southeastern USA
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It may or may not help, but some people - including me - have found that if you clear your computer's cache and cookies on whatever airline site you're searching, the price sometimes goes...down.

(And certain days of the week are better for shopping fares.)

Either way, good luck and enjoy Iceland!!!

Posted by Agnes
Washington DC Region, USA
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Iceland Air has several 3-day flash sales throughout the year...keep your eyes open. I just got an e-mail 2 days ago for a flash sale for summer and autumn travel (through Dec 15th only). There will be another one for winter travel (past Dec 15th), there always is. I just checked that e-mail and it said that prices from San Francisco were starting at $549, which seems like a competitive fare that you could use as a benchmark. I would hold out for a fare like that the next time they have a sale. $830 is too much for late December, you can do better. You still have time, so no need to pull the trigger yet. Savings across 7 people add up, so I would be aggressive about getting a better fare.

Posted by Carol OP
Martinez, CA, USA
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Wow! thanks for all the info. Guess I'll wait a couple of weeks and keep my fingers crossed. Have signed up with Icelandair to get advance notice. Thanks again.

Posted by CL
Salem, Oregon, USA
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You should also check Wow airlines. They are a budget carrier. I just did a search for Dec. 27 - Jan 3 is $499 for basic fare (no checked bags or seat reservations) to $608 for their plus fare. Direct flight too - leaves SFO 11:30 a.m. arrives Reykjavik 4:10 a.m. next day. Return flight leaves Reykjavik 4 p.m., arrives SFO 5 p.m. same day.

I have zero experience with this carrier, just pointing out you have other options. I don't think all of their fares are caught by the search filters (at least they weren't when I checked my go-go Google flights).

Posted by Carol OP
Martinez, CA, USA
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CL - I have been checking WOW on their own site and also on google and cheapoair. Each site shows $1000 RT. Can't find the fare you quoted. Have signed up for alerts on fare changes on a few sites so hopefully there will be a sale in the next couple of weeks!
Thanks for checking.

Posted by Wray
Quincy, MA, New England
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You might find that if you are willing to fly on Christmas and New Years Eve, you can often get a bargain. I'm not sure if you are locked into particular dates.

Posted by Carol OP
Martinez, CA, USA
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Wray - Agree, but due to family constraints we're pretty much locked into leaving on 12/27. So, we're really hoping for a sale! Thanks for your thoughts.

Posted by Mardee
Cincinnati, OH, USA
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First, I flew WOW Airlines to Iceland (and then the Netherlands) in May and was very impressed with the airlines. The flight was comfortable, the staff courteous and professional, the seats spacious (better than Delta Economy) and the flights were on time. I would definitely fly them again.

Second, in case you are not aware, Google will keep you updated about flights. Just key in the airline code for the city you are leaving from and the destination, and it will give you updated prices for that route. For example, in your case, you would key in "SFO to Iceland" (or SFO to KEF) and see the flights. When you click on that link, then, it will give you more details but will also give you an option to track prices - if the fares change, Google will email you.

Posted by Carol OP
Martinez, CA, USA
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Thanks, Mardee: We are tracking flights on Google. Regarding WOW, thanks for your review of them. We've heard some poor reviews so I feel better about booking with them if their price is lower than Iceland Air. Though WOW fare includes only a personal item, a carry on is $55 each way, small price to pay if there's a big price difference. Still hoping that in the next two weeks there will be a sale on this route.

Thanks, again.

Posted by jean.h3131
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Bought return tickets from Toronto 3 days ago for $346.40 Canadian for mid-November! Renting a car...

Posted by Carol OP
Martinez, CA, USA
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Great price! We also have bought ours. Iceland Air was the least expensive and continues to be so for our dates. From SFO for our selected dates of Dec 27 return Jan 4 the cost was $770. This price was good only from Monday through Friday, July 9 - 13. That price was not available on their site and I waited an hour on the phone to get it. I was told it was a special offer - included seat selection and 1 checked bag. Guess we can't complain. According to the Hopper app, the price will not go lower; on July 14 the price was back to $830. The end of December seems to be a popular time and we are going from a greater distance so I guess it's a reasonable price when compared to your price. Thanks for your post as it confirms that our price was also good. Would have liked to pay less but it is what it is. Now we just have to hope the weather cooperated!

Best wishes to you for a great trip!