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Connecting flights through Iceland

Just did a search on Google Flights for routes from the west coast to Zurich. Cheapest flights are those with a stop in Iceland enroute to Zurich. If traveling from the United States to Zurich, what would be required in Iceland?
If traveling from Zurich back to the United States, what is required in Iceland?

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Jazz+Travels, I did look on that website, but it wasn't too clear. However, I do know that right now Switzerland is not open to citizens from the U.S. But I'm hopeful that will change by the end of August.

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We've done this a few times. Iceland is Schengen. There is a passport check in Reykjavik on your outbound flight. I'm not sure if they do anything there in terms of COVID vaccine/test checks in Reykjavik, that would be done at your destination, I would guess. On the way back, I can't recall a check in Reykjavik. There was a passport/immigration type check when we arrived to our home airport.

I would say depending on when you travel, you need to just stay tuned in to changing COVID requirements.

Are you aware of the Iceland layover? You can actually take up to 7 days in Iceland without any additional airfare cost. I did it once.

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Iceland MAY be changing their COVID regulations on June 15. Stay tuned.

Currently the COVID testing point is when passengers are departing the airport. So, it is my understanding that if you are just changing planes you would not be tested.