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CDC issued Covid vaccine record cards

Has anyone who has completed their Covid vaccines traveled to Iceland since they’ve opened to the US? If so, do they accept our CDC issued vaccine cards that were filled out by the facility where the shots were given?

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There have been multiple reports for this... below is an article from someone describing their experience... and yes, they did accept a handwritten CDC card...

I live in NJ, I obtained additionally a record from my state showing my covid vaccination, dates, lot #s, etc... just in case, an official at the airport is not comfortable with a hand written CDC card, I can provide additional supporting documentation...

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I did the same as Alex but from the pharmacy that gave me the shot rather than the state. It was also signed by the pharmacist.

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No Firsthand take it as you may.

I think the idea to have an alternate record, from the State or Pharmacy, preferably with a signature, is a good one. The "official" Icelandic rules for a Vaccine Certificate; Does mention a Signature, and, at least on my card, much of the handwritten information is only marginally legible (except the stuff I filled in myself).

However, the current handwritten card seems to be accepted just fine, I get the sense that they are going along with the CDC card, figuring that there is an acceptable risk level, realizing to do something stricter would cause more problem than tourism benefit.

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I've seen several people in the Iceland Travel Facebook group who have gotten through with just the CDC card with no problems.