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Car rentals in Iceland

We have been reading many reviews about car rentals in Iceland, most all companies seem to have very negative reviews. Has anyone had a good experience? What is your favorite rental car company in Iceland?

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In 2015 we used SS Car Rental, They delivered the car to our hotel (near the Blue Lagoon), and we dropped it off at Keflavik. There were no additional charges for the hotel delivery. They also included a GPS for free. We were quite happy with their service.

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We used Sixt last summer and were very happy with them. They were very busy, but good about processing returns quickly.

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I think that people mostly post reviews when they have a bad experience...not many people post good ones when things go well. I had a great experience renting a car in Iceland. I've only been there once and used one company but it was fine. We used FOX.
The one thing to know about renting in Iceland is that they will try to sell you a bunch of additional coverage at the desk...there is a big sign with a menu of all kinds of horrible things that could go wrong to try to scare you into spending extra money. Wind damage, undercarriage damage, rock damage, windshield damage, etc...
I just use my Chase card that covers me for ANYTHING that could possible go wrong and decline what the rental car companies offer. Know what your credit card covers before you leave so that you are prepared to decline their coverage OR just buy what your card won't cover. With my Chase card I have to decline all coverage from the rental car company...if I take ANYTHING from the company my Chase coverage is invalidated. Make sure to call your card company to find out the specifics before you leave. There really is a lot of potential damage that could happen while driving in Iceland so make sure you're covered.