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Campervan hire and camping in July

Hi - planning a 12 day trip to Iceland and debating the hiring of a 4x4 camper van. Do you have to pre book camp sites in July or can you book a day or so ahead. Is it really strict about not wild camping. Anyone recommend any companies to hire from. Really looking forward to the trip.
Thank you in advance. Sharon

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We have been to Iceland twice, and go back for a 3rd time in about a week. We have not rented a camper van yet, but we did do the ring road this past summer. I am unsure about the need to prebook camp sites, but I do know that it is illegal to wild camp and that is strictly enforced. Take a look at Iceland With A View. She is an expat that sold everything to move there and her planning guide is the most helpful of everything I found. Her ebook is $20 and she has discounts from companies, including one of the camper van ones. She has personally done that as well, so it isn't just recommending a company with no actual knowledge or experience.

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Is it really strict about not wild camping.

Yes. The laws have changed recently, unfortunately due to disrespectful tourists. And the laws are enforced so it is pretty high risk of getting fined. So, don't be a jerk, follow the laws.

Also note that off road driving is strictly illegal and can lead to fines in the range of thousands of euros (or dollars).

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I think you will get more feedback on which company to hire from on the TripAdvisor Iceland forum. I've seen lots of discussions there. Didn't really pay attention because we just did our trip in a rental car and stayed at hotels and guesthouses.