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Bus Travel using App in Reykjavik

Has anyone had any luck using a US credit card to buy bus fare using the Straeto app (soon to be replaced by the Klappio app on July 1, 2023) for bus travel in Reykjavik? I'm getting ready for a trip next week and downloaded the app, but discovered that I got error messages every time I tried to enter US credit card information. The Iceland Klapp transit website FAQ says that foreign credit cards need something called "3D Secure" validation, which none of my several credit cards seem to have. I guess that my only alternative is to buy a bus card in a local store, but using the app and not needing to prepay for trips I may not take seems to make so much more sense.

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I have never used the bus in any of our trips there, but that issue with US credit cards is common, unfortunately. It is on their banking end, and nothing we can do not our bank. I think your alternative is the best option.