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bus pick up for Porsmork hiking

Your book lists 3 bus lines that go from Reykjavik to Porsmork but not clear if stopping in Hvolsvollur gas station to pick up
hikers, and any different charge if they start there, not back in Reykjavik. The companies do not list on-line different charges or ability to reserve a spot from Hvolsvollur. Can you help? Their telephones are always busy! Andrew

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I'm assuming you mean Þórsmörk. I have no idea about the buses, but I have a small linguistical advice, if you can't write the letter Þ/þ (Þorn) you can replace it with th. Replacing it with a P just doesn't make sense as it is a different letter. Just like replacing an E with an F is strange as they are different letters, despite looking similar.