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Bonus grocery cost

I've watched a few videos of people wandering through Bonus to give us an idea of individual costs. Many things seemed similar to my costs in Canada while a few were more expensive. I'm presuming many, if not all, of these videos were taken in or near Reykjavik. Does anyone have any idea if grocery costs increase as you move to more rural areas of Iceland? Isafjodur for example?

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I found groceries to be similarly priced to those in the US pretty much everywhere. Kronus and Netto may have groceries of better quality. There's a Costco in Reykjavik.

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We have shopped all over the country and have never noticed a price difference, so if there was, it was minimal. We shopped at the Bonus in Isafjordur this past summer. It is a small store, just so you know. And the Arctic Terns nest in the field adjacent to it, so you will get swooped if you are not careful, if you are there during their nesting time. Just going from the camper to inside the store we were protecting our heads. Anyway, the store is small but has everything you need. I was even able to get a special battery for my SLR camera, which really surprised me that they would have it there.