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Blue Lagoon question

We arrive at KEF on Monday, September 24 at 6:25am and plan to go to the Blue Lagoon before heading into Reykjavík in the afternoon. We will not have a rental car and will probably book a package thru Reykjavík Excursions or Grey Line. What time should we make our booking for? We will be checking luggage. I understand if we arrive too early, we may not be allowed in until our booked time but what happens if we are delayed and are late arriving at the lagoon? Do we lose our spot/money?

Posted by Mardee
Cincinnati, OH, USA
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Here is the notice on the Blue Lagoon website: The ticket is valid only at the date and time selected in the booking process and clearly stated on the ticket you received after completing your purchase. If you don’t arrive at the pre-booked date and time, Blue Lagoon cannot guarantee availability

So you are taking a chance if you don't get there on time (although your chances are better in late September than they are during the summer). If you are arriving at 6:25 am, then I would probably allow at least two hours before your booking. It's a fairly quick process going through passport control and customs, and the airport is small but you never know what will happen. I think the bookings are every hour and it opens at 8 am so I would shoot for 9 am to be safe.

Posted by sboh OP
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Thank you for your reply. We have never flown through KEF so we were not sure how much time to allow. I’d rather have to wait a bit then risk loosing the experience so 9am it will be.

Posted by caryhh2002
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This information is helpful for me also. My daughter and I will arrive at 6:30 AM on July 22nd and will go straight to the Blue Lagoon on a shuttle. What I can’t find anywhere is how to purchase tickets to the lagoon without booking a tour. Please tell me if you know! Thank you so much!!

Posted by chelseawayt
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My husband and I are planning a similar itinerary in November. I am having a bit of a time figuring out the most cost effective way to get from the airport to the Blue Lagoon and then into Reykjavik. Any suggestions?

Posted by sboh OP
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We booked our transfer from KEF to Blue Lagoon then onto Reykjavik thru Reykjavik Excursions. Their website is We booked a package called “Airport - Blue Lagoon Comfort”. It took us to the lagoon, covered admission, a towel and a drink (had a nice Skyr smoothie) then onward transfer to Reykjavik at our leisure. You can stay at the lagoon as long as you like, the transfer into Reykjavik happens every hour on the :15, so 11:15, 12:15, 1:15 and so on. You don’t have to decide in advance when you want to leave the lagoon, just catch the bus at the time you want. I’m not sure about cost effective, everything in Iceland is pretty expensive, but it was easy. I believe it cost about $140.00. I believe admission to the Blue Lagoon only (per it’s website) is $86.00. For comparison, when we left Reykjavik to come home we took a cab to KEF and it cost $180.00. Hope this helps.

Posted by steven989
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You might consider booking with Destination Blue Lagoon instead of Reykjavik Excursions, as DBL is the official shuttle bus operator for BL. When you book your BL ticket, you can book DBL bus as part of the checkout process. Just book the time slot according to when your entry to BL is. If you're late by >1 hour, you probably won't be let in from what I understand

Posted by Emily
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Our flight was delayed and we were going to arrive at our scheduled time an hour late. I emailed the Blue Lagoon as soon as our flight got delayed and they told us we could come up to an hour later. We just made it but they did work with us a bit, so I think if you can keep their email handy it will help.