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Blue Lagoon Before Flight

We will be in Iceland and want to do the Blue Lagoon before our 2:00PM flight. Is there a place to store luggage? If we go at 9:00AM is that enough time to enjoy?

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If you are flying back to the US, you will want a full 3 hours before your 2 pm flight, so that puts you at 11am to arrive at the airport. That gives you a max of 2 hours at Blue Lagoon, which is ample as long as you don't lose track of time. We did this on one of our visits and it worked great, but just keep an eye on the time and be sure to allow for the time to get to the airport whether it is by bus or rental car (and time to return the car).

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We just flew from Keflavik to Denver yesterday on IcelandAir, and three hours is way too early to get to the airport. We were through check-in and security in under 20 minutes. They don't announce the gate until an hour before boarding starts, so you can do the math. Note that they do passport control on the way to the gate, but it doesn't take long.

BTW, the boarding for flights to the US is extremely chaotic. They have two flights leaving from the same gate, and the gates are close to each other. There are about five chairs to sit on, and everyone is crammed into to area so tight you can barely move. Another reason for not arriving too early.