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Blue Lagoon

Like many we will be arriving in Reykjavic early morning and would like to go to the Blue Lagoon. We will be using the bussing system and wondered if anyone would have any good suggestions. We heard some go from airport right to the Blue Lagoon. As I researched it looks like there is a round trip ticket on bus from Reykjavic to the Blue Lagoon for a decent price but if it makes more sense to go directly from the airport we can do that too. I didnt see any benefit to doing it this way other than possibly some time saved traveling. Any tips that could help?

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Hi, Kristine,

So, there are great buses that run from the airport in Keflavik to and from the Blue Lagoon and Reykjavik. I normally book my to/from with Flybus, as it's very easily found at the airport and takes me quickly to my destination.
I'm not sure where you're flying from, assuming possibly Chicago, and that it's an overnight flight. My friends and I went to Iceland in December, and we chose to go to the Blue Lagoon on the way back to the airport, as we had most of the day to kill before our 5pm flight. The BL is only about 15 minutes to the airport. We went early in the morning and stayed about 3.5 hours before leaving the Lagoon, giving us plenty of time to enjoy. Be aware, it's approximately a 45 minute ride from Blue Lagoon to Reykjavik and vice versa, so it eats alot out of a day in the middle of a trip.
I believe there are plenty of folks who stop at the BL on the way to Reykjavik, because of the early morning arrivals in Iceland. By the time you would get off the plane, collect bags, go through customs, maybe have a cup of coffee and a croissant, the BL would be opening. A few hours spent there would help you unwind and save you from having to spend hours in a hotel lobby waiting for a 2pm checkin. Depending on where you're staying, that is at times a good option.
If you've not been to Iceland previously, I'm sure the BL is on your to do list. My group of six went both to the BL and to the SkyLagoon, newly opened and 10 minutes from Reykjavik. 6 out of 6 preferred the Sky Lagoon, because of the secluded atmosphere. If enjoying the therapeutic waters are a priority, I'd suggest checking out one of Reykjaviks local swimming pools as well.
Hope this helps!

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I agree with justsweetjs. We have done the Blue Lagoon at the end of a trip, before heading to the airport and that was nice. We arrived right as they opened, so there were very few people there which made it nice. On our most recent trip though, just last month, we went to the Sky Lagoon one afternoon and absolutely loved that!

On justsweetjs's recommendation, we also went to Sundhollin pool there in Reykjavik on our last night. We were kicking ourselves for not going every night we loved it that much. It is only 1100KR per person and they provide locks and lockers.

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Thank you both for your great suggestions. Yes, we have an overnight flight and I think we will get the flybus. Do you know if we purchase the round trip pass if it has to be used in the same day? Also, if we take bus from airport to BL would that be considered one full trip and we would have to purchase another from the BL to Reykjavic.

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I'm sure that your round trip doesn't have to be the same day. I normally book my flybus through Reykjavik Excursions (, but looking at their web page, I'm not sure I remember what option I pick to get the transfers I want. If you contact them via email, they'll set you up exactly with what you want. You can book your entry and package to the Blue Lagoon with them at the same time if you like.