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best time to visit blue lagoon late June

Hi all:

Seems that people say later is better, which is ok I guess- I am also ok to get up early and go when they open at 7am too... not sure it really is going to matter much? Anyone have thoughts?


Posted by jaimeelsabio
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We went late morning and stayed for a few hours. If you don’t protect your hair it will get really dry. it Will be busy any time you go.

Posted by Chani
Tel Aviv
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I can't speak to the blue lagoon, but I took an evening "golden circle" tour out of Reykjavik in late June when sunset's around midnight. All the other tour buses were leaving as we arrived at the first couple of stops. After that we were about the only ones out and about.

BTW it never really gets between sunset and sunrise.

Posted by Kim OP
San Francisco
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I went ahead and booked it for 5pm...


Posted by reinier28
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Well if you like to drink alcohol later is better, at least for me. We went at 4pm and had a blast. Did the mud masks and the whole nine yards. We enjoyed having a cold beer while in the hot water. Enjoy

Posted by Kim OP
San Francisco
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Yes! that sounds amazing. I do like beer. :) . A cold beer in the water sounds awesome.