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baggage requirements on Iceland Air

We are going to be traveling on Iceland Air with carry on luggage. Their website shows sizes smaller than those for other airlines we have traveled on by an inch or so. Has anyone experienced a problem with their standard carry-on luggage being too large on Iceland Air?
Thank you!

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As with all airlines, if you can’t squeeze your bag into the size bins provided, you risk having to check your bag in at the airport, which will be more expensive than booking this in advance online. Most airlines I have used do random bag size checks.

It’s a nuisance that airlines have different bag sizes. The busier the flight, the more rigorous the bag size check.

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I flew Icelandair twice in October.

At JFK they had some people put their bag in the sizer at the gate.

At KEF, there was no sizer at the gate. The gate agent showed up a few minutes before boarding.

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I witnessed carry-on bags being sized when checking in in NY. It had to be European regulation size or pay to check. I don’t remember what went on at Orly in Paris for our return only six months ago, though.

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Our bags were not sized at either CLE or KEF. We each (family of 4) had a wheeled 22 inch carry-on and handheld item (back pack or purse).

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We just got back 2 days ago from Iceland on Iceland Air. They were laid back about everything. No one had a problem with the American 22" luggage in the overheads. Be sure to take earbuds and have them handy for the free entertainment screen with lots of options. I suggest you pre-order your meals. They were not so bad, except for the pizza. Ugh. The Pretzel sandwich as delicious. Yes, Really. Enjoy your trip.

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Thanks so much for taking the time to respond to this question. And thanks for the head's up regarding the meal service. I really appreciate it!