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Back-up Plan Planning (No Ferry to Westman Islands)

Hi All,

I have an ambitious last couple days in Iceland planned*, as such I'm making a backup plan.


Lambhus Glacier View Cabins by Vatnajökull National Park on June 16th.

Hotel Vestmannaeyjar in the Westman Islands on June 17th.

Aurora Hotel at the airport on June 18th.

Departing from Keflavík Airport to Barcelona on June 19th (8:30am flight).


In case there is an issue with the ferry (weather is the primary concern), I would like some ideas for back up lodging for the night of June 17th on the "main" island.

My plan would be to keep an eye on the weather and if, a few days ahead the weather might not look good for the ferry, we would cancel our hotel on the Westman Islands.

The activity we have as potential, in case we do not go to Westman Islands is the Caves of Hella, so maybe around there?

*Family of 4; two teens, driving Ring Road; 10 nights; June 9 - 19

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Honestly, for June I would not worry about a backup plan. Yeah, you can always have a plan b, but for that time of year the ferry will most likely be just fine. Since you are wanting a backup lodging option, I would just look at and see what is available in the nearby area for that night. Make sure it is one that you can cancel on short notice. Since you are so close to your trip, options are going to be very limited. So look at booking, but also go to google maps and put in any location nearby, and then click on hotels at the top and they will all appear. Then you can use the filter for date availability ,etc and check to see what is available. I do this along with booking to find places.

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I'm not an Iceland expert, but I'd note that this is at the beginning of the high season. Your backup plan needs to account, one way or another, for the shortage of rooms in Iceland, especially distant from Reykjavik. You do have a one-night cushion for the airport, but you need to be really sure of your ferry LEAVING the island. For example, I wouldn't want to be on the last ferry of the day. But they are probably all fully booked-up anyway. And I'd look at the weather forecast before going over to the island on the 17th.

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Thank you both! Sorry for the delay in response.