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Are tours necessary or can we figure it out?

We will have a car and are using Reykjavík as home base. We’d like to see the beautiful natural wonders and have read a lot about tours. We’d prefer to go it alone but wondering-is it challenging to do Golden Circle etc without a tour? What are pros and cons?

Posted by Anita
Long Beach, California, USA
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Iceland is an incredibly easy country to see on your own! The ring road goes straight around the island...there is absolutely no way to get lost! All of the natural attractions are well marked including the Golden Circle, the various waterfalls, beaches, and anything else you may want to see from the ring road.
If you are interested in soaking in natural hot springs there are apps you can download onto your phone that will show you where they are.
The nice thing about having a car is that you can avoid the crowds and tour buses by getting up early and being places before they start arriving around 10.
I found driving there to be fairly easy...we were there the first week of April. Just download an offline map and you're good to go! The weather and the wind were challenging but I'm used to driving in icy conditions. What time of year do you plan to visit? I have a friend there right now and it's windy and rainy but the weather changes so frequently that there is no way to predict how it might be while you are there. Like our walking tour guide in Reykjavik said, "There is no bad weather in Iceland. Just bad clothes and bad attitudes!"