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Anyone use Bungalo site?

I'm planning a family trip to Iceland (on a low budget of course) and stumbled across the Bungalo site. Adorable cottages in good locations with reasonable pricing. My concern is that the reviews that I've checked on their site are not very current. Also tried to do basic internet searching for reviews and again these were all over 2 years ago or more.

Can anyone confirm that Bungalo is still a viable and trusted source for lodging? I have some AirBNB cottages saved but with all the add-ons those are higher priced.

For those about to suggest--yes, I searched the forums first. There was only one actual mention of the site and it was not a confirmation of any quality, just a suggestion made to another poster.

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I have not used them as we almost always use in Iceland. I have checked them out for our various trips there, but honestly there just do not have that many places listed and has more options, so we go that route. I used this site again for our upcoming trip.

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From the TripAdvisor Iceland Forum:

Posted January 2024: Bungalo is a well respected Icelandic booking site. No one has ever complained about them here on the forum.

Two people posted in January 2024 about positive experiences renting cottages through Bungalo.

Post from October 2023: We used Bungalo and Both worked well for us. Many of those cottages are practically like clamping, with few to no neighbors and great views.

Another one from October 2023: We almost always use and usually opt for a cottage if possible. They are all over the country. Sometimes we book direct, but for cottages often times the owners don't have a website apart from booking or bungalo.

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Thanks for the sleuthing! I had visited the TripAdvisor Iceland forum for something else and didn't think to go back about Bungalo. Poor Google must've been tired the day I was using quotation marks and plus signs with dates to try and find current data. :)